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Here now, is directing you to some of the websites Jim McClain has created and/or manages.

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1 Foot in the Grave is a personal website focusing on the life and health of an individual with terminal lung disease.

a Floor Pro is a collection of articles by flooring professionals about floor covering and the flooring industry.

FITS Certified, also known as Flooring Inspection Training Services, offers training and certification in all types of flooring inspection.

Grump's Place is a personal website devoted to computer mods, eBay items for sale and general complaints and gripes of a disgruntled netizen.

The Floor Pro Community is a support site devoted to consumers of flooring products and to flooring professionals around the world. It has articles, a business directory and a very popular message board to help you with all things flooring related.

Trevathan Floors is the website and showcase for Kevin Trevathan, of Arkansas, and his quality installations and repairs of ceramic and stone tile and hardwood flooring.

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