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Here now, is directing you to some of the websites Jim McClain has created and/or manages.

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1 Foot in the Grave is a personal website focusing on the life, interests and health of an individual with terminal lung disease.

Grump's Place is a personal website devoted to computer mods, eBay items for sale and general complaints and gripes of a disgruntled netizen.

The Floor Pro Community is a support site devoted to consumers of flooring products and to flooring professionals around the world. It has articles, a business directory and a very popular message board to help you with all things flooring related.

Long Range Hunting LLC is a magazine, store and discussion site for the long range hunting and outdoors enthusiast.

Non-Typical Outfitters is a website that offers trophy hunting experiences in Western Wyoming. The site showcases previous hunts of Mule Deer, Spring Bear, Elk and other game.

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