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1 Foot in the Grave is a personal website focusing on the life, interests and opinions of Jim McClain. You will find posts on computers and other tech, woodworking and remodeling, things that go faster than walking, reviews of personally used products and lots of photography, good and bad.

Grump's Place was Jim's personal website devoted to computer mods, eBay items for sale and general complaints and gripes of a disgruntled netizen. It is slowly being downsized and all of its content moved over to the 1 Foot in the Grave website.

The Floor Pro Community is a support site devoted to consumers of flooring products and to flooring professionals around the world. It has articles and a very popular message board to help you with all things flooring related.

Jim McClain Photography is self-explanatory. A hobby that had its start in childhood, became a new career direction in the 1980s, but was interrupted by alcoholism and drug addiction, then turned into a passion after forced retirement from flooring. Visit to enjoy photographs made primarily around Plumas County, CA

Jonny Corners is the website home for Jonny Corners Access Panel and Trap Door Trim Kits. It's a unique and economical way to do the job without making any miter cuts. Fast, efficient and beautiful in 6 different finishes.

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