June 19, 2024

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When Do You Need a Managed VPS Hosting Solution?

As businesses continue to grow, the necessity to buy a web hosting service that can accommodate your website also grows.

You may have started with an unmanaged hosting plan but as your business grows, your responsibilities would also have increased. After all, server maintenance and upkeep is a full-time job and can get quite expensive.

This is where Managed VPS hosting comes into play. Read on to find out why managed VPS hosting may be a good fit for you. 

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS hosting is where the web hosting company manages your server and its configuration on your behalf. The hosting provider takes care of every possible aspect, like setting up the server and monitoring performance, including taking backups and installing updates to ensure the ultimate security of your server.

Managed VPS hosting is suitable for website owners with little to no experience in server management; or in cases where you simply do not have the resources to expend toward server set up and upkeep.

When You Need a Managed VPS Hosting Solution?

Server Management and Monitoring Support

Adjusting or maintaining your server requires technical experience and skills, so a managed VPS hosting solution might be the best option for your business.

In managed VPS, the hosting provider manages all the backend functions related to your server, like network traffic and resource usage.

A managed VPS server ensures that your website performs seamlessly and has higher page speed, performance and uptime.

Advanced Server Security Measures

Ensuring the ultimate security of your server and keeping it free from all possible cyber threats is paramount.

In managed VPS serverhosting, the provider implements the latest security measures, including firewalls, antimalware and antivirus solutions that protect your website and VPS servers.

Continuous Support

Your website can experience downtime or security risks at any time – the intensity of which can increase if you do not resolve these issues with a trusted support system.

With the best managed VPS hosting plan, you get round-the-clock support from experienced professionals who can solve your problems quickly and promptly. 

You Can’t Afford an In-House Team

Maintaining an in-house team can often be more expensive than outsourcing this to your web host provider. Most providers offer low-cost managed VPS plans, where the entire responsibility of server management is in the hands of the hosting provider. Hence, you need not worry about the technicalities involved.


Managed VPS hosting is the optimal hosting solution for your business. It provides reliable server management and maintenance support. Your provider takes care of the entire server, handles backups, manages performance, ensures security and offers 24/7 support.