July 24, 2024

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Solar marketing scandals in New Mexico: Deceptive sales reported for overpriced, underperforming systems | Business

Solar marketing scandals in New Mexico: Deceptive sales reported for overpriced, underperforming systems | Business


Many New Mexico homeowners have had issues with largely national and out of state solar companies selling nonfunctioning and overpriced panels to them using aggressive and deceptive marketing tactics without full disclosure of the contract terms. Fortunately, the office of N.M. attorney general Raúl Torrez, local lawyers and reputable local solar companies are stepping in to help consumers. 

Editor’s note: This is the first story in a two-part investigative series by the Journal on consumer reports about deceptive marketing practices by some solar companies operating in New Mexico. Part two will appear on Monday.

A solar salesperson spent five hours in July on a site visit with Jan, a 76-year-old homeowner, to convince her that installing a small rooftop solar system on her Northeast Heights home would eliminate her electric bills overnight.

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kAmp?5 E92E 42? 42FD6 2 C:AA=6 67764E E92E 42? EFC? 9@>6@H?6CD 2H2J 7C@> 6IA=@C:?8 E96 36?67:ED @7 8@:?8 D@=2C]k^Am

kAm“%9:D D:EF2E:@? 9FCED 6G6CJ@?6[” z25=64 D2:5] “xE 9FCED @FC 4FDE@>6CD 2?5 E96 :?5FDECJ 2D 2 H9@=6]”k^Am

ABQ homeowners slam Meraki Solar Solutions

West Side homeowner Dalila Rascon paid $90 per month for a year and a half on a solar system that sales company Meraki Solar Solutions never actually installed on her roof, and she needed a lawyer to cancel the contract.

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